RID'UP "Fun" Stirrups

139,00 €

Black - Rid-Up "Fun" - Pair of stirrups

RID'UP "Fun" Stirrups

Patented "Look" Safety system

Injected cleat

Recommended  shoe size 39 / Sole width : 11cm

Composition Polyamide with fibres. Ixef buckle

Static load resistance 400kg / stirrup

Lifetime warranty
30 days trial

Your stirrups will be delivered within : 5 working days in Europe

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RID'UP "Fun" StirrupsIn details

The leather eye is 90° oriented. The stirrups are easier to put on and the stirrup leathers remain flat on the flaps.
To reduce the risk of being dragged by the stirrup after a fall, Rid'Up stirrups disengages from the stirrup leather while remaining intact.
COLORS Rid'Up stirrups are available in different colors to meet the desires of each rider. Each pair is provided with a set of 3 different personalizations for outside frame of the stirrups . More personalizations will be abvailaible on the website for purchase.
The junction with the leather is hinged. This exclusive and patented system provides the optimal position to each rider. The sensations are immediately better, the leg is placed, keeping its flexibility in all positions and the lower joints (knees and ankles) are relieved. The optimal seat allows efficient aids, improving the horse locomotion.
Rid'Up body and platform are realized with a high performance composite based upon long fiber reinforced and shock modified polyamide. Buckle is made of a Ixef material providing the best resitance ratios for the use. Stirrups weight makes it compatible to all riders and disciplines, able to support a load of over 400 kg each.