Stirrups rid'up His history

  • Look, the Birth Look, the Birth Look has been created in 1951 around a revolutionary ski fixation. This innovant gene, Look never lost it and they launched regularily resolutely new products, real technological disruptions. Look launched carbon fiber bike while aluminium was still a novelty in 1985 and simultaneously an automatic pedal allowing to freed from toe-clips danger. These innovations changed radically the ski and bike practice for millions of sports amateur.
  • Look back in saddle Look back in saddle Look first approached equitation in the early 80s with a nice stirrup which improved safety. It has been stopped quickly despite a real commercial success and esteem for technical issues. Look has approached equitation again in 2010, taking the majority actions of FreeJump.
  • Research and developpement Research and developpement After an active five-year with his affiliate, Look conceded his shares upon foundator's request with an expressed intention to launch his own stirrup.
  • Riders' Dream birth Riders' Dream birth Director of Look Cycle (400 people 45Million CA) for 20 years, Thierry Fournier animates the company Riders' Dream, created to bring this project alive.