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Safety, Comfort, Balance

Rid'Up created an innovative stirrup for all riders

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Customers reviews

  • I tried the stirrups yesterday, and they are amazing ! I had a triple ankle fracture, and I am just back in the saddle. My leg was very stable,...

    • Ludivine P.
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  • I immediatly fell very comfortable with Rid'Up stirrups, I had great sensations. The feet are placed with no effort, and it's easier to be balanced...

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  • I have had sprains on both ankles, and snatched knee ligaments, so they are very painful. As soon as I started riding with Rid'Up stirrups, I...

    • Nathalie Mourlan-Bonnemaison, Loir et cher
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  • I don't loose my stirrups anymore ! I usually loose the left one. My feet were well in place. I will buy another pair as my daughter also fell...

    • Sylvie Perriere, cavalière Hunter et CCE, Yvelines
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  • Stirrups improving the position... ! I have my ridden my 4 horses this morning with the stirrups... I'm in love with Rid'Up !!!! They really...

    • Stéphane Mazzacco, cavalier de dressage, Yvelines
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  • I wanted to jump with the stirrups before sending the testimonial. I'm very happy with Rid'Up stirrups ! They are very comfortable and I have...

    • Jean-Benoit Allavena, cavalier de CSO, Jura
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  • From the first use, the ankle is really more free. It gives a huge comfort, plus the leg is better placed and we have more stability. On cross...

    • Clément Riguet, cavalier de CCE, Maine et Loire
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  • My first impression is awesome, no more ankle pain and the bottom of my leg doesn't move anymore ! It's really reassuring when riding young horses.

    • Adèle Hebert, cavalière de CSO
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  • My daughter is in love with her stirrups !

    • Virginie L.
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  • Safety, comfort, aesthetic, they have it all !

    • Martin R.
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  • Rid'Up is a mordern and revolutionnary innovation in horse riding. The wide sole offers stability and comfort. The articulated eye relieves the...

    • Paul Antoine Allavena, cavalier de CCE, Maine et Loire
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  • These stirrups are very comfortable, very solid, and they offer a very good leg position and are very light. I didn't find a stirrup with all...

    • Amélie Prévost, cavalière de hunter
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  • We have a good leg position and support. I haven't fallen since I use these stirrups, but it's reassuring to know that the stirrup can disengage...

    • David Gomez, cavalier de CSO, Maine et Loire
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  • My leg's position is much better, my stirrups don't turn anymore, and the angulation system is very comfortable. My leg is less forward, more...

    • Elisa Averlant, cavalière de CSO
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  • The rid up stirrups allow me a good stability with their wide floor and a comfort thanks to the flat stirrup leathers. I can ride with confidence...

    • Nicolas Layec - cavalier pro de CSO
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  • I'm totally in love with these stirrups ! !! I am a trainer and rider with a lot of horses to ride every day, and I must say that my joints...

    • Olivier Diné - cavalier et enseignant
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  • The best stirrups on the market in terms of comfort, safety and technology! I highly recommend!

    • Elina Badier Fernandez - cavalière de CSO
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  • It's a real plus for the schooling of our horses. The leg naturally finds its place and the cushioning is ideal for jumps. In short, the essential...

    • Mathieu Boisselier - cavalier professionnel de dressage
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  • I'm very happy with these stirrups ! They are very comfortable and we don't loose them. They are very easy to put on. I like the colour, that...

    • Thaïs Meheust, cavalière pro de CCE
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  • I am a total fan ! Since I got them, I can't get enough. They are very comfortable and have a very good grip ! I will never change them !

    • Lola Gouin, cavalière de CSO
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Rid'Up Stirrups

Stirrups rid'up Details

In details we find excellence
Rid'Up combines elegance with innovative technology characterized by it's eye articulation, Rid'Up reaches it's full meaning

Innovative articulation

The stirrups's eye articulation immediately gives an ideal angulation adapted to each rider.

Natural and ideal position

Leg remains in a good position. Lower joints (ankle, knee) are therefore relieved and can totally play their role and the rider feels it. The optimized attitude allows better sensations between rider and horse .