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Safety, Comfort, Balance

Rid'Up created a revolutionary stirrup for all riders

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Stirrups Rid'Up

Stirrups rid'up In details

It is in the detail that we find excellence
Rid'Up combines elegance with innovative technology characterized by the articulation of the eye, Rid'Up then takes on its full meaning

  • These stirrups are very comfortable, very solid, and they offer a very good leg position and are very light. I didn't find a stirrup with all...

    • Amélie Prévost, cavalière de dressage
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  • We have a good leg position and support. I haven't fallen since I use these stirrups, but it's reassuring to know that the stirrup can disengage...

    • David Gomez, cavalier de CSO, Maine et Loire
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  • My leg's position is much better, my stirrups don't turn anymore, and the angulation system is very comfortable. My leg is less forward, more...

    • Elisa Averlant, cavalière de CSO
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Stirrups Rid'Up

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  • Amélie Prevost
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  • Rid'Up for endurance

Revolutionary articulation

The articulation located at the level of the eye immediately gives an ideal angulation adapted to each rider.

An ideal and natural position

The leg remains in the good position, the lower joints (ankle, knee) are therefore relieved and can totally play their role and the rider feels it. The optimized attitude allows effective aids and a better functioning of the horse.